28min #17

Have you ever felt
 that you had to pay to pray?

Well as Ray Charles' mom said ain't nothing free but Jesus!

What now?

     Where do we go from here? Will, you shed a tear? Have you ever felt fear? A fear that grips you all the way to your fingertips?  Have you eaten that type of ice cream called dips? What words will come out of your lips? How do you shake them hips? Do you have any tips? Can Indy crack that whip? Are you more than a blip on the radar?

Down below:

Going down:
Going down:
Going down:
Going down:

Up above:

Rising above it!
Rising above it!
Rising above it!
Rising above it!
Do now!
Make them say wow.
Also, make them wonder how;


 My fingers stay moving because I maintain steady contact with the keyboard. My mind is linked by nerves to the ends of my body. All seems haughty, whatever that means and as long as I'm not naughty Santa will bring me something for the body. Yep before the writer's block takes hold I better be bold and   

do as I was told...

    Better not fold to the pressure for some say that writing is a treasure that will be put to a measure to make the pleasure of another publisher like www.blogger.com be able to get another piece of work. So if you want to write like this type then go here. Run on get along say hi to some guy named Fong:



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