28min #15

     So yep did a 14min session at a website that is used to teach and reinforce basic QWERTY skills called https://www.typing.com and it has joke writing as a way to get keys down to pressure pads. After typing I watched a movie for a bit whilst I caught my breath and before that, I played some video games while listening to KIND OF FUNNY GAMES (podcast) and before that, I did a 7min written word exercise preceded by some more of the same games w/ said podcast being played as background noise after a 3.5min session of bongo drum practice to warm up the hands, as for now onto the rest of this blog entry (28min #15) .

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    Woo bongos and referees. Also, add social bookmarks onto the web, the probability of going to go get a print out: Likely and probable... Have you ever heard of quantum computing? 

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      What's the weather like over there? 
      It’s like this over here:

      Time got wasted because of camera problems. However I can relay that there is a strong lisght...