28min #12

Well hi again web bots crawling the internet I hope you find this blog post and have no problem indexing it.

Dang I seem to be getting writers block and blah blah blah.

Guess I should have given some thought to what I was going to write about for these 28 minute creative writing session. I could fall back and offer you the trade a chance to go get games  that pay out bitcoin by following this link: http://www.bitcoingameapps.com/track.php?ref=6721858 Or tell you that to prepare to type this I lossened up my fingers by doing a 3.5min session of fingertip and hand exercises using a D’Addario guitar gadget.

Then for 7min I worked on a 7min creative writing entry on my laptop while in the backseat of a moving car that proved difficult because of the darkness that nightfall brought on and the fact that I periodically look at my QWERTY based keyboard while I type. After that I headed over to www.typing.com log in, set the timer on my phone for 14min and then went at it. What do you think happened right as I was rapping up the session? 


The battery on the laptop ran out. Also to boot the phone was loosing a its charge faster than normal. I had to set it down and be alone with my thoughts for a while which in hindsight seems like a golden opportunity I let pass by that could have been used to contribute more to this work of dictions, well, we’re here now so no use crying over spilled milk.

While we are on the subject of dairy products: If males can’t make milk! Why do they have nipples? Is it like the appendix which has left it’s purpose in the pass due to evolution. And while we’re on the subject of evolution isn’t growing up an evolutionary inevitability?